Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photographs do I need to supply?

Ideally I need at least one good "face shot" of the intended caricature, a high resolution jpeg digital image is the preferred format, examples of which can be seen here. These can be e-mailed to me along with any other images I may need for background and "props" for the finished piece ie; vehicles, buildings/locations, sports kits, club badges, company logo's etc. The obvious advantages of ordering and sending via e-mail is the speed at which I can access your information or query and reply as soon as possible, this a great help if there is a tight deadline to meet. This allows more time for the artwork and less time researching image references needed for the artwork. Once again the better the references the better the outcome.

Digital photography is the optimum quality but obviously I can also use good quality photographic prints for examples of these please click here.

It is also worth considering the expression when choosing photographs to supply, if you have a lot of images of the intended "victim" quite often a non smiling shot can produce a great effect, for examples of this style please click here.

How long does a caricature original take to complete?

Normal turnaround is 15 working days but can be as soon as 5 working days. If your order is urgent then please e-mail me and I will reply to let you know if it is possible.

How will the painting be delivered?

Caricatures are delivered using Royal Mail which is priced at £5.

What is the cost of an original caricature?

A single full figure 20" x 16" double mounted original is priced £180.

A single full figure 14" x 18" double mounted original is priced £140.

For more than one person caricatures please e-mail me for a quotation.

I can supply framed originals on quotation but for obvious reasons costs are effected by carriage charges and packing etc.

There are no hidden extra costs for adding props or backgrounds which often happens when ordering caricatures. The prices are a flat rate as quoted above.

A high resolution digital image of the caricature can also be supplied. This image can be used for cards or publishing purposes supplied as a jpeg, tiff or as any popular format available these images are perfect for websites or any computer based activity. The cost for this extra service is £15.