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Caricatures by Coz!

I began producing caricature's about ten years ago as gifts for friends and work colleagues as a "bit of fun" and a slice of light relief from my usual artistic style of sporting and townscape art. My love of portraiture, photography and comedy were destined to meet, which allowed me to use imagination and myrth along with portraiture painting knowledge I have developed over many years.

This style of caricature I employ is one of a true honest depiction of the characters face but everything around that portrays the humorous characteristics which add warmth and humour so favoured. These caricatures are more humorous portraits than the over exaggerated features often associated with more cartoon like styles available. Customer satisfaction is always my priority, with completed work always fulfilling the clients demands.

All walks of life can be featured from young to mature, male or female. Working groups from the Police Force and Emergency services, Teaching, Law and the Medical professions along with every trade imaginable, making these unique and original gifts so ideal for retirement, promotion along with Birthdays, Anniversarys and most "milestone moments" in our lifes. Each original artwork is painted using the finest artist quality papers and pigments, no computer wizardry is used in the production of the final piece other than the usage of digital images as references.